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2021 81000 Km
Params auto Automatic
Params auto 1,6 Plug-in Hybrid (Benzin) cm³
28 990,00 € 29 990,00 €
First installment: 6 090,00 €
2012 133000 Km
Params auto Automatic
Params auto 3,0 Diesel cm³
29 490,00 € 31 490,00 €
First installment: 5 890,00 €
Top Offer
2013 286000 Km
Params auto Automatic
Params auto 2,2 Diesel cm³
16 270,00 €
First installment: 3 250,00 €
2019 106000 Km
Params auto Automatic
Params auto 1,6 Diesel cm³
30 490,00 €
First installment: 6 090,00 €
2016 155000 Km
Params auto Automatic
Params auto 3,0 Diesel cm³
47 990,00 € 49 990,00 €
First installment: 10 800,00 €
2018 92000 Km
Params auto Automatic
Params auto 2,5 Hybrid cm³
32 990,00 €
First installment: 6 390,00 €
2018 125000 Km
Params auto Manual
Params auto 1,5 Diesel cm³
17 990,00 €
First installment: 3 500,00 €
2018 133000 Km
Params auto Automatic
Params auto 1,5 Diesel cm³
16 990,00 €
First installment: 3 300,00 €
2012 183000 Km
Params auto Automatic
Params auto 4,5 Diesel cm³
36 990,00 €
First installment: 7 300,00 €
2016 149000 Km
Params auto Automatic
Params auto 4,4 Diesel cm³
59 990,00 €
First installment: 11 900,00 €

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At Cip Auto, we offer an impressive selection of used cars imported from Europe. Are you looking for a reliable automobile with a verified history and in excellent condition? You've come to the right place. With a rich experience in the automotive industry, we are known for our quality and remarkable services.

Our range includes a variety of makes and models, from compacts to luxury SUVs, so you have plenty to choose from. We ensure that each car imported from Europe meets the highest standards of safety and performance. In other words, we provide carefully selected cars that you can count on for an exceptional driving experience.

But that's not all! At Cip Auto, we are proud to offer you the trade-in service. We want you to make the most of our expertise. So, if you already own a car and wish to upgrade to one of our vehicles, we can facilitate the transaction for you. This service allows you to trade in your old car for one of our cars, making the upgrading process easy and cost-effective.

You can find more detailed information on the Trade In program in the specially dedicated article Trade-in - what is it? – where we told all the pros and cons of the procedure for selling and exchanging a car.

We are here to make the purchase of your desired car easier and more accessible to you. With Cip Auto, you can trust that you are getting the best deal when it comes to used European cars.

We invite you to explore our car catalog to find the perfect automobile for you. If you have any questions or need assistance, our team of experts is here to help. At Cip Auto, our passion is to get you behind the wheel of the perfect car!

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